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The Mission of the Men of St. Joseph is to Put the Family in the Hands of the Father. To this end, Men of St. Joseph Members meet weekly across the country to pray together and to discuss how each man can make the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ come alive in their homes and communities. Compelling and Equipping Catholic men to become spiritual leaders in their home, the Men of St. Joseph provides a model of what the New Evangelization in the Catholic Church achieves when intentional, purpose-driven ministries focus to empower participants and provide relevant resources to help keep members engaged.

The Men of St. Joseph as an Organization* finds itself in an exciting time of their existence where it has become necessary to hire employees and begin focusing funds towards Leadership Opportunities for local Chapter leaders to ensure healthy growth. With Chapters located from East Coast to West Coast, and Northern Boarder to Southern Boarder, the Men of St. Joseph have quickly become a National presence in the greater Catholic community. The members of the Men of St. Joseph are leaders in their parishes and are training up younger men to understand the importance of investing their time first to their families and parishes, and to dedicate themselves to making Jesus known and loved in their marriages, families and local communities.

Currently we find ourselves in a state of growing pains due to the financial reality of providing the leadership necessary to serve the growth of the Men of St. Joseph organization. To give everyone an opportunity to join us in our Mission, we have created the Journeymen Program. Those who choose to donate to the Men of St. Joseph through the Journeymen Program are people – MOSJ Chapter members and non-members alike – who believe in the Mission of the Men of St. Joseph and see the value in helping enable us to grow with purpose, and in doing so provide a stable environment to continue our fast-growing ministry. Men who participate in the Men of St. Joseph find that it transforms them into men of greater integrity and Servants to their wives, families, parishes and local communities.

Although we are in need of assistance to attend to the financial realities facing our organization, we also need prayers! So we would like to offer the Journeymen Program as an opportunity to join us in Prayer, Fasting and Charity for the good of our Mission.

We would like everyone who feels moved to participate in the Journeymen Program to:

  1. Join the Men of St. Joseph in Fasting on Wednesdays (be it every Wednesday or even one Wednesday a month). Wednesday is a day set aside for devotion to St. Joseph in the Church, and so this is the day we have designated for solidarity amongst participants.

  2. Pray during this time of Fasting for the good of the Men of St. Joseph through the Patronage of St. Joseph, Terror of Demons.

  3. In Charity, donate the money that would have gone toward purchasing your food on the Wednesdays you choose to Fast through this web portal to the good of the Men of St. Joseph organization to help our Mission grow.

Thank you for your prayers, your support and your contribution – no matter the size – to the needs of this humble ministry. Every effort you make to edify our Mission emboldens us to continue working toward a Culture of Life by Putting the Family in the Hands of the Father.

Love, Loyalty and Service,

- Zachary S. Morgan

Executive Director

Men of St. Joseph

* The Men of St. Joseph is a Non-Profit, Catholic Organization and is registered as a 501(c)(3) entity, and as such all donations are considered Tax-Deductible.

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